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Allan Scott Sauvignon Blanc

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Allan Scott Family Winemakers vineyards are largely planted on
the stony, free draining mid-Wairau Valley river flats. The
vineyards are sustainably managed, and with the care given
during the growing season produce some of the world’s greatest
Sauvignon Blanc wines. The wines tend to be beautifully
structured, with lighter aromatics than expected off the heavier
clay soils of the lower Wairau plains.
A great start to spring with hot dry temperatures led to
favourable flowering conditions. The fine weather continued
through until harvest. Despite the rain at the end of harvest the
fruit was picked at optimum ripening and quality to produce this
stunning 2014 Sauvignon Blanc.
The grapes are machine harvested and immediately pressed. The
juice is maintained at cool temperatures to ensure the aromatics
are not lost. Cleared juice is then fermented to dryness at cool
temperatures with specifically selected yeasts. The best wine
tanks were blended and finished for bottling.
Fresh citrus and nettles with hints of passionfruit on the nose.
The citrus and passionfruit follows through to the palate with
hints of dried herbs. The wine is perfectly balanced with lovely
texture and an appealing finish.
Try sitting at the water’s edge on a thick blanket with some crispy
fresh fish and chips, your best wine glasses, and a bottle of this
sensational wine – ensuring of course that there is no liquor ban!

The Warehouse is the exclusive distributor in Indochina of over 800 wines from renowned wineries from 14 countries. Our range encompasses every major wine-growing region on the planet, and we have selected the finest wines from among the best wineries from those regions.

Our wines are carefully shipped direct from the wineries to our climate controlled storage facilities in Viet Nam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos. Each step of the shipping process is monitored to ensure the quality of the wine is presented as the winemaker intended. Every Warehouse Wine Shop has a mix of expatriate and local staff with a passion for wine.

Whatever your wine requirements are, The Warehouse takes pleasure in ensuring honest advice and professional service. Our wine shops are open 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm (10 pm on Saturdays).


  • 2001 : The Warehouse distribution business is established
  • 2003 : The first Warehouse store opens in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)
  • 2004 : The first Warehouse store opens in Hanoi (Vietnam)
  • 2007 : The Warehouse opens new retail store in District 5 (HCM)
  • 2010 : The first Warehouse store opens in Cambodia
  • 2012 : The first Warehouse store opens in Myanmar
  • 2013 : The Warehouse expands its business with 2 new stores in Vietnam (Hanoi and Da Nang)
  • 2016 : The Warehouse expands its business with a new store in District 2 (HCMC)

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