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Allan Scott Pinot Gris

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Marlborough Pinot Gris has grown strongly in popularity over the
last few years, although there is no distinctive style as found with
Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Allan Scott Family Winemakers
aim to achieve varietal fruit flavour, the fruit picked at the
optimum moment to retain its natural acidity and ripe phenolics,
avoiding a hot high alcohol finish from over ripe fruit
Pinot Gris, like its close relative Pinot Noir, is very labour intensive
in the vineyard. Two cane pruning, bunch reduction, leaf plucking
and shoot thinning are just some of the vineyard practices
required to ensure an intensely flavoured crop. A great start to
spring with hot dry temperatures led to favourable flowering
conditions. Despite the rain arriving at the end of harvest, the
fruit was picked at peak ripeness to maximize both natural acidity
and flavour concentration.
The grapes were partially crushed and went through overnight
juice/skin contact to allow maximum extraction of aromatics.
Following light pressing, the juice was cool settled and the
partially clarified juice transferred to 3 different stainless steel
tanks for cool fermentation with 3 different yeast types. Following
fermentation the 3 wines were re-blended, lightly fined to reduce
some of the colour which was picked up during the skin contact
phase, and bottled.
This beautiful Marlborough Pinot Gris has delicate hints of pear
schnapps and apricots. On the palate this wine is soft and smooth
and the fruit carries right through to the finish which is soft and
Serve this wine as an aperitif with a platter of white cheeses,
grapes and crusty bread.

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  • 2001 : The Warehouse distribution business is established
  • 2003 : The first Warehouse store opens in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)
  • 2004 : The first Warehouse store opens in Hanoi (Vietnam)
  • 2007 : The Warehouse opens new retail store in District 5 (HCM)
  • 2010 : The first Warehouse store opens in Cambodia
  • 2012 : The first Warehouse store opens in Myanmar
  • 2013 : The Warehouse expands its business with 2 new stores in Vietnam (Hanoi and Da Nang)
  • 2016 : The Warehouse expands its business with a new store in District 2 (HCMC)

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